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Meet the Storytellers of UnMasc

A diverse group of 10 self-identified men share bold personal stories, at our upcoming UnMasc event, exploring how masculinity has affected them.



As a poet, Bobby tells a story about how stoic expectations prevent men from feeling and how not feeling crippled his humanity.



Co-founder of The Village PATH, Bryant is a social worker and behavior analyst from Boston.

Bryant would like folks to feel the level of intimacy and sense of nostalgia in his story. He wants to pay homage to the person who showed him what it means to be a man; someone who is gentle, caring, and powerful.



A dad, husband, and musician. James will tell a story for the first time at a men's storytelling event after participating in them for three years.

"I struggle with friendship, and I'm pretty sure a big part of it is because I'm a man," James said. "I want to share my story about how I got here and where I'm going with friendship in my life — the choices I'm trying to make now."



John, a 39-year-old husband and father of three struggles with friendship, including the work required to make and maintain friends and the impact on men when those relationships fall apart.



As a queer activist, Keith has always felt more comfortable speaking up for others than himself.

His story will explore strength: the strength to take a beating — and the strength to say "No More."



A border child, Luis González Lavín shows us that emotional ineptitude doesn't have to be inherited.

En Español: Un hijo de la frontera, Luis González Lavín nos demuestra que la ineptitud emocional no es herediteria.



An actor, artist, and entrepreneur. Mycol intends to feel as present as possible while sharing his story. He hopes to invite the audience to feel open, empathetic, and reminiscent of a piece of themselves that may or not be familiar.



A cycle breaker. Tyler will share a story about how the absence of something or someone allows something better to take its place.

In this case, the absence of immature masculinity allowed him to step into mature, healthy masculinity.



Victor is a seasoned mentor, therapist, and teacher looking to share his insight on masculinity and the aging process.


Are you interested in hearing this group live?

Join us for our first-ever men's storytelling event, UnMasc, in collaboration with Undo Bias Consulting, Oct. 28-29, 2022, to support access to free therapy services for Black men.


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