The Clinicians

Cecilia Carter

I believe that you as the client are an expert on yourself. Meaning, no one knows you better than you. I see myself as a partner who is trained to walk alongside you; as you travel on the journey of self-discovery.

Steven J Fields

I truly believe in the relationship between the client and therapist and that it holds the key to success in mental health treatment. I purpose to build a therapeutic alliance that we both can be proud of and that can dance to the rhythm of the music we make together.

Tessie Amos

I strongly believe that healing comes from within and through clinical as well as holistic approaches this healing can and will be found successfully.

Hybrie Bishop

I specialize in working with survivors impacted by sexual, domestic, and community violence. As well as those diagnosed with a variety of mental illness such as anxiety, PTSD, and those impacted by grief.

Tashima Kinney

I draw from various therapeutic modalities as each person represents their own set of areas to work on. My philosophy throughout my career has been to think outside the box.