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The Village PATH Co-Founders Speak at SLU Pre-Commencement (Video)

Jermar Perry, Executive Director and Co-Founder, and Bryant Antoine, Director of Operations and Co-Founder, delivered a memorable commencement speech for Saint Louis University's School of Social Work pre-commencement. Drawing from their extensive experience creating community for black men in the region, the speakers emphasized the importance of collaboration, empathy, and cultural awareness in social work practice.

They shared inspiring anecdotes of what led them to seek education and how they would eventually find each other at SLU. The speech resonated with graduates as it highlighted the interconnectedness of social issues and the critical role of social workers in addressing systemic challenges.

The Village Path's message encouraged graduates to embrace innovation, challenge inequities, and step up when called upon. Their speech left a lasting impact, motivating the new graduates to embark on their professional journeys with purpose, passion, and commitment to social justice.

Click here to see the speech!

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