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Providing Psychotherapy Sessions Free of Charge

The ‘Lil Black Boy Campaign’ in alliance with The Village PATH and the artist, Sir Eddie C, is organized to address the mental health needs of Black Self-Identified Men. Toward this goal and in alignment with the Black Lives Matter movement, it is providing psychotherapy sessions to this population free of charge. Eligible individuals will be assigned to work with therapists of African descent who are knowledgeable of the social-cultural challenges these individuals face in the society of the United States and specifically the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Each participant will initially complete a brief set of assessment forms after assenting to participate in this program. This assessment is used to determine eligibility and provide information on his psychosocial functioning. Eligible participants will be assigned to a clinician who will provide a total of five individual psychotherapy sessions which typically lasts for approximately one hour. Upon completion of these five sessions, the participant will complete another brief set of assessment instruments and will be provided referrals if additional treatment is needed.

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