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The Lil Black Boy Campaign

The Lil Black Boy Campaign began in May 2020 as a partnership with St. Louis hip hop artist Sir Eddie C, All Black Creatives and The Village PATH. The original goal was to raise $1,000 for the attendees of the Village HAWC for black men to receive free therapy sessions from a black clinician for Mental Health Awareness Month in May. The Lil Black Campaign which was titled from Sir Eddie C’s song celebrating blackness raised $1,000 in under 24hrs via GoFundMe.

By late May the George Floyd murder occurred and the campaign began to take a new life so we decided to extend the date of the GoFundMe to Men’s Health Month in June. By the end of June the Lil Black Boy Campaign had garnered close to $16,000. Since early July when the campaign was ended The Village PATH has worked diligently to build an infrastructure in order to house the funds that were secured. As of mid August we have been in talks with adding the group of therapists who will participate and partner with The Village PATH as the clinicians. We currently have close to ten black therapists who are interested in being a part of The Lil Black Campaign and working towards finalizing the details of our website where participants will be signing up for the free sessions. We will be updating everyone soon on sign up dates which will be taking place shortly.


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