The Hop Shop Podcast Episode, 'Lil Black Boy' Campaign Updates, & Much More!



The Black MenTell Village Podcast is back with Episode 10, our last episode of the season. We met with the owners of Saint Louis Hop Shop, Ryan Griffin & Justin Harris, for another dope episode. We talk about the work and dedication that goes into ownership and surviving running a business during COVID-19. This episode is coupled with the release of the Black is Beautiful Beer, a national collaborative effort the Hop Shop took part in to spread awareness about the social injustices People of Color face through beer. Host Bryant Antoine and Jermar Perry, have a chance to discuss music, life, and beer with co-owners. Consult your physician or health care provider if you or your loved one has a drinking problem. You can listen to the new episode here.

'Lil Black Boy' Campaign

Sir Eddie C just released his new official video for Lil Black Boy. Check out the video here: Lil Black Boy- Sir Eddie C.

The Lil Black Boy Campaign began in May 2020 as a partnership with St. Louis hip hop artist Sir Eddie C, All Black Creatives,