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The Hop Shop Podcast Episode, 'Lil Black Boy' Campaign Updates, & Much More!



The Black MenTell Village Podcast is back with Episode 10, our last episode of the season. We met with the owners of Saint Louis Hop Shop, Ryan Griffin & Justin Harris, for another dope episode. We talk about the work and dedication that goes into ownership and surviving running a business during COVID-19. This episode is coupled with the release of the Black is Beautiful Beer, a national collaborative effort the Hop Shop took part in to spread awareness about the social injustices People of Color face through beer. Host Bryant Antoine and Jermar Perry, have a chance to discuss music, life, and beer with co-owners. Consult your physician or health care provider if you or your loved one has a drinking problem. You can listen to the new episode here.

'Lil Black Boy' Campaign

Sir Eddie C just released his new official video for Lil Black Boy. Check out the video here: Lil Black Boy- Sir Eddie C.

The Lil Black Boy Campaign began in May 2020 as a partnership with St. Louis hip hop artist Sir Eddie C, All Black Creatives, and The Village PATH. The original goal was to raise $1,000 for the attendees of the Village HAWC for black men to receive free therapy sessions from a black clinician for Mental Health Awareness Month in May. The Lil Black Campaign which was titled from Sir Eddie C’s song celebrating blackness raised $1,000 in under 24hrs via GoFundMe.

We currently have close to ten black therapists who are interested in being a part of The Lil Black Campaign and are continuing to work towards finalizing the details where participants will be signing up for the free sessions. More updates are forthcoming but everything is moving in the right direction. Sign up for free sessions will begin sometime in Q4/Q1.


This is a reminder that The Village Healing and Writing Circle (HAWC) meets every Thursday at 7 PM Central Standard Time. If you would like to attend our session via Zoom, please email us at You can also reach us via our contact page.

Other Updates

  • The Village PATH and members of the Healing and Writing Circle are working to release a digital book titled, Black Water Runs Deep. The Book will feature poems and short stories by group members. This book will be published digitally a will be made available for purchase in the next couple of months.

  • The Village PATH is currently working on becoming a Non-Profit and has created a board of directors. More information about Non-Profit status and the Board will be forthcoming.

  • The Village PATH will be teaming up with Lifewise STL to provide The VIllage ROPE (Rights of Passages Empowerment Program) for students of color after school. This initiative is set to start on Tuesday, October 6th.

  • The Village PATH merch store will be coming soon!


Thank you again to those who have been such a support to us throughout this year. We are excited to put together more content, be able to provide healing to black men and to be a community advocate here in the Saint Louis region.


Bryant Antoine & Jermar Perry - Founders

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