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'Lil Black Boy Campaign' Updates November 2nd, 2020

We would like to preface by thanking everyone for their support over the last 5 months. Since the Lil Black Boy Campaign in May & June, we have really grown. We are also excited to update you on where we have gone since then.

The Village PATH has decided to create a program titled, The Village TAP (Therapy and Access to Programs). This leg of The Village PATH will have a referral process (similar to an Employee Assistance Program or EAP) where Black Men and Adolescents will be able to access free mental health services. Sign-ups will begin in early December for The Village TAP, shortly after the 'Diaspora Speaks' Live Event. So, be on the lookout for sign-ups.

We have selected therapists to participate in this referral program and they are all people of color. We would like to express our gratitude for their assistance with helping to flesh out this program. For Jermar and myself, we knew that our services up to this point were self-help and support group driven. We always say that our services are, "therapeutic and not therapy." However, with The Village TAP, we will be able to provide individuals with 5 individual sessions, free of charge.

Stay tuned for more updates about the 'Lil Black Boy Campaign' and The Village TAP. You are always welcome to message us using our contact page here.

Again, Thank you.


Bryant Antoine, Co-Founder of The Village PATH


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