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Jermar Perry



Jermar Perry was born and raised in the city of Philadelphia and has been a St. Louis resident since 2016 where he now resides with his wife, niece and nephew. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Temple University, Jermar decided that the field wasn’t for him and started working in children’s services.

Once he moved to St. Louis, Jermar was accepted to St. Louis University and received his MSW in May 2019 in clinical social work where he would meet fellow Village PATH founder Bryant Antoine. In August of 2019 the Village HAWC (Healing & Writing Circle) held their first gathering. In June of 2020, Jermar and along with Bryant formed the Village PATH (Programs to Access Healing and Therapy) in order to house all of the programs that they were contributing to including The Black Mentell Village Podcast, the Lil Black Boy Campaign for free therapy and others. In his spare time Jermar enjoys writing and storytelling and furthered that love by performing in the Men’s Story Project as well as being named the fellow for the storytelling event Campfire in 2020.

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