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Bryant Antoine



Bryant Antoine has been the co-founder of the Village Path since its inception in August of 2019. Bryant is a first generation Haitian-American. Bryant moved to Saint Louis from Waltham, MA in 2016 and has lived in Saint Louis for 4 years. In 2019, he earned his Master’s in Social Work at Saint Louis University’s Public Health and Social Justice.

It is through this graduate program that Bryant was able to meet the Village PATH’s co-founder Jermar Perry. They worked together on the Master of Social Work Student Association and SLU College of Public Health and Social Justice’s Equity & Inclusion taskforce. Bryant is also a Licensed Behavior Analyst in the state of Missouri. Bryant shares the responsibility of leading Healing and Writing Circles and is a co-host of the Black MenTell Village Podcast. Bryant models vulnerability through the sharing of his troubled past. He hopes that sharing his trauma and experience of death in his family will invite other black men to find healing. In his spare time, Bryant enjoys writing, reading, playing video games & board games, cooking and/or enjoying carribean cuisine.

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